No water – no harvest!

Every day is a fight for water for the smallholder farmers. Long distances to water sources and long periods of drought make sufficient harvest impossible. Our solution: Improved accessibility and transport of water allows smallholder farmers to cul-tivate their fields during parts of the drought periods and provide their families with enough food.  →

Women and children benefit from water transportation

Better water transportation improves the everyday life of women and children, since it is in general their responsibility to carry the water. Instead of carrying the water in 20 kg buckets for more than 200 meters, they can transport 60 litres of water per minute with simple pedal pumps.   →

Simple solution, large impact

We support smallholder farmers in their daily fight for sufficient harvest with simple and low-cost water transport and irrigations systems.

Creating local prospects

The irrigation systems are being produced locally. Local workers benefit from know-how on quality standards, irrigation techniques and efficient use of resources. At the other end of the chain we enable the people to increase their earnings. Ensure secure livelihoods, additional money for their budget – already small changes can significantly increase the quality of life of smallholder farmers.

Environmental and social friendly, locally embedded

In a world with limited resources, Aqua Alimenta wants to contribute to a responsible use of the environment. Core element of our irrigation systems are pedal pumps, which produce no CO2 emission. Additionally, due to the water transportation “when required”, water is not drawn unnecessarily.

Help smallholder farmer to help themselves!

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