Key data of the India project (Odisha)

Period of time: 2017 - 2019
Name of the project: IN17 (Back2Back)
Number of beneficiary families:1500
Number of irrigation systems: 1500
Costs 2019 : CHF 307 000

In the agricultural state of Odisha, over 80% of farmers are small-scale farmers with fields smaller than 1 hectare. Agricultural productivity is low as many farmers are dependent on rainfall for irrigation, the soil fertility is greatly reduced by the long-term use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides and the availability of high-quality seed is limited. In addition, the insufficiently organized farmers associations have little negotiating power in the marketing of their products.

The goal of the three-year project IN17 (local name Back2Back) is to enable access to adapted irrigation technology for 1500 smallholder families, to teach them in organic farming methods, thus improving soil fertility as well as nutrition. In addition, farmers and women's associations are strengthened at the village and district level, which allows them to sell their vegetables under better conditions and share their knowledge.

The project is carried out in four districts of Odisha (Puri, Nayagarh, Kendrapara, Balangir) in cooperation with our local partner NGO i-concept Initiative. In Pipli, in the district of Puri, a workshop for the production of irrigation systems, model gardens for organic farming and a training center for small farmers has been built in 2017.