West Africa

In West Africa, the majority of the population lives on agriculture and cattle farming. In the Sahel region, where Aqua Alimenta works, precipitation is normally sufficient for a maximum of two grain harvests. In the last decades, however, there have been repeated losses due to irregular or non-existent rainfall. Small-scale irrigation enables farmers to grow vegetables during the dry season, thus improving their nutrition and income.

Aqua Alimenta countries of operation in West Africa

Burkina Faso (West Africa Program Headquarters), Mali (south), Niger (south) and Togo (north)

Main features of the program

Timeframe: 2016-2019
Name of the program: WA16
Number of supported families: 5'000
Number of irrigation systems: 1'200
Costs 2019 : CHF 236 000


The investment potential and the need for suitable irrigation technology in the project areas are still high. At the beginning of 2016, a new, four-year program was launched in West Africa based on the results of the previous program. The results of an evaluation carried out in mid-2015 were also included in the planning. Around 5,000 families will benefit from the program through the 4 years.



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